Thursday, September 22, 2011

Character Sheet

Name: Silvius Volundr                                                                      Player: Sean

Race: Human                            Class: Fighter                                   Level: 1
Experience Points:  2,133                                                                Next Level: 4,001
Date of Birth: March 11, 1625                                                          Age: 25

Height: 5'6"                               Weight: 165#             

Hit Points: 25
AC: 2  (with shield and Dex Bonus)

STR: 13  +10# carrying capacity; Open doors- 1-2; Bend bars- 4%
INT:  9
WIS: 8
DEX: 16  +1 to hit with missiles and initiative; +2 AC benefit.
CON: 17  +3hp/level; 97% System shock survival; 98% Resurrection survival.
CHA: 10  Max. Henchmen=4.

Background Abilities/Notes:
  • Smith Skills: +1 to hit with hammer; metal goods of the party save vs. destruction at +2.
  • Toughness: character takes half damage from arachnid poisons and can wield 7.5# weapon with one hand.
  • Youth Problems: banned from all establishments within southern quarter of Hamburg (except marketplace).
Items Worn or Carried:

  • Chainmail, mithril (15#)
  •  Helmet, normal (3#)
  •  Shield, small (3#)
  • Chausses, linen (3.7#)
  • Hauberk, linen (6.2#)
  • Adventurers Wear, browns and earthtones (13.6#)
  • Cloak, woolen- grey  (5.1oz)
  • Boots, Cowhide- hard, knee high (8oz)
  • Gloves, cowhide (6.1oz)
  • Spear, carried in hand (6#)
  • Dagger, in belt across chest. (1#)
  • Dagger, in belt across chest. (1#)
  • Broad sword & scabbard, hung from belt at waist (7.5#)
  • Hammer, hung from belt at waist (5#)
  • Hammer, hung from belt at waist (5#)
Belt Pouch, large, on belt at waist (9.3oz)
  • 337 gp
Belt Pouch, large, on belt at waist (9.3 oz)
  • 11 gold coins (8.25oz)
  • 15 silver coins (2oz)
  • Writ of passage  that enables movement freely within lands controlled by the Cities of Hamburg and Lubeck, or the County of Kiel.
Backpack (3#, 2oz):
  • Ink, ordinary (3oz)
  • Quill (.1oz)
  • Scrollcase, metal (2#,2oz)
  • Scroll, ordinary paper (1oz
  • Flask, half-bottle (6#,11.2oz)
  • Tinderbox (3#,3oz)
  • 18 cigars (12oz)
  • Lantern, bullseye (2#, 6.4oz)
  • 3 Lamp oil, flask (1#,14oz)
  • 2 Candles, pillar (19.2oz)
  • Belt, cowhide- extra (3.5oz)
  • Whetstone (6.4oz)
  • Fish hook (.1oz)
  • Twine, hemp- 100' (5.9oz)
  • Eating bowl (.1#)
  • 2,111 silver coins
  • 55 copper coins
Sack, burlap- within backpack
  • 24 biscuits (18.4oz)
  • Loaf of Rye bread (12 oz)
  • Bacon, smoked (12#)
Large Pouch- within backpack
  • 10 caltrops
"In Wagon"- wrapped in hemp hammoc
  • Spear
  • Salt lick
  • Feed for 14 days.

"Slippy" Holsteiner mare
Saddle, blanket, bit & bridle
Large Saddlebags:
  • Hand Axe
  • 2 daggers

At Silvius' side:
"Loki" Wardog (Rottweiler)
  • Wears cowhide dog barding.
  • Morale = 9

History Summary:
Silvius grew up wanting for little, though his father breaks his back as a smith in Hamburg. He is mostly lazy and undisciplined, always looking for a short-cut. Several summers were spent working as a striker for his father in the shop...which he loathed, as it was hard labor.

A year back, Silvius concocted a plan to get rich quickly. Using his father's reputation, Silvius collected investments from many of the local taverns, artisans and inn keepers to form a mercantile trading company. The smith's son billed this company as "The North Sea Trading Company" and used proceeds of new investment to pay out monthly returns to his earlier investments. Those investors told their friends of the successful young entrepreneur and they too added to the pot.

A sickness that overtook several of his earlier investors forced Silvius to pay out their initial sums, leaving him unable to settle up with his later investors, as the lad had spent much of that money on wine, women and song. Actually, not so much on the song part.

His fraud was quickly revealed and he quickly found himself unable to turn anywhere within most of Hamburg without drawing scorn. The young man left the town in search of easier fortunes and once those fortunes are found, he vows to move back to Hamburg, re-open his trading company (legitimately, this time) and repay those souls who trusted him earlier. He would have to change the name of his company, however.

 Maybe the South Seas would have something to offer him...